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Deputy Mentoring RP Service

The Responsible Person position is one of leadership within an organisation and yet many RP’s report feeling on their own, and lacking the support, as they constantly battle with management to ensure compliance with the Good Distribution Practice.

This is especially true for new RP’s at the beginning of their career, and in such instances it always helpful to have back-up help, advice, support and more importantly have someone to bounce ideas off or act as a double check when faced with difficult issues.

Pharma Experts Deputy Mentoring RP Service provides access to an experienced RP mentor over an agreed contracted period to help new and existing RP’s build their confidence and knowledge.

The Deputy Mentoring RP Service is provided over a fixed period which may be extended if required.

Your Deputy Mentoring RP will be at hand to discuss through your challenges and assist you to overcome the obstacles whilst you retain full control.

The Deputy RP Mentoring Service also includes monthly prompts via email to the RP in charge, which are designed to act as a gentle reminder for any pending or overdue actions.

How does the service work?

Pharma Experts Deputy Mentoring RP service is fully customisable to your needs and may include any of the following and more:

  • Emails support
  • Telephone support (optional)
  • Live online meeting sessions (optional)
  • Quality System review (optional)
  • GAP Analysis (optional)
  • Quality Risk Assessment (optional)

If you require a Deputy Responsible Person to conduct all the functions that your current Responsible Person undertakes whilst on holiday, the Deputy will have to be named on the Wholesale Dealers Licence and a variation put in. This role would be synonymous with that of a Contract RP.

The MHRA recommends the addition of a Deputy RP to the Wholesale Distributors Licence for larger organisations where the licence may cover a a number of sites.

For full RP services please read the Contract RP section.

If you are ready to work with us, or would like to discuss in further detail about how we can help you and your organisation  please contact our office and send us your request, or schedule a free initial telephone consultation.

Deputy Mentoring RP

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