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Contract Responsible Person RP

Contract Responsible Person RP

One of the provisos of obtaining a Wholesale Distribution Licence / Authorisation is the nomination of a Responsible Person. Contract Responsible Person RP

If you have the required experience and knowledge you can take on the role of Responsible Person and be named on your own application. You will of course be vetted before approval by the MHRA.

But what if you do not have the credentials? What can you do?

The best solution in such instances is to have a Contract Responsible Person RP in charge for the foreseeable future whilst you learn and gain knowledge in this field.

Unless you are a pharmacist, the MHRA will expect at least one years’ experience in wholesale activities for the type of business you want to engage in before they will consider you as an RP and you will be required to demonstrate your suitability.

A good start to your move into the role of a Responsible Person is to attend a one day RP / GDP training event.

Pharma Experts Limited offer 1 day comprehensive sessions which will give an insight into the RP role and the importance of Good Distribution Practice. Check out our training calendar for upcoming training courses.

At the end of the course we are happy to assess you CV to ascertain your suitability for the role and help you put together a personal development plan in order for you to achieve your goal of becoming a Responsible Person.

Call Pharma Experts Limited if you need a Contract Responsible Person RP 

For clients without the relevant experience to take on the role, Pharma Experts Limited has a number of pharmacist s who can act Contract Responsible Person RP in the short term.

In addition to providing a Contract Responsible Person RP, we can assist you in making the application, preparing necessary documentation including Quality Management Systems, assisting in the design and layout of your warehouse, auditing your suppliers, helping you prepare for an inspection. This list is not exhaustive and our services are tailored to you requirements.

Our overarching aim is to ensure you succeed in your venture whilst reaming compliant with all statutory and regulatory obligations.

If you are ready to work with us, or would like to discuss in further detail about how we can help you and your organisation  please contact our office and send us your request, or schedule a free initial telephone consultation.

About the Author:

Zul Mamon
Zul is a Senior Consultant, Pharmacist, ISO 9001 Lead Auditor and GDP Trainer. He has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector, having worked for both the independent and national multisite organisations.

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